Instructor: Moe Brooks

Date: April 22 and 24th

Time: 12:00 – 3:00

Maximum number of students: 6

Prerequisites: single crochet, decrease and increase

Class Description: learn the basics of amigurumi while making a small sheep.  The first class will be learning how to make the parts of the sheep. Second class will be putting it together and adding details. Class will also include tips on construction of more complicated projects.  

Fee: $60 for HWFA members (must have completed orientation at the time of registration) or $70 for non-members, payable by check, cash or credit card to HWFA.
Materials fee: $5.00

Supplies provided by teacher: pattern, threader, marker, safety eyes and large eye tapestry needle.

Supplies brought by student: YARN: avoid novelty yarns that are extremely fuzzy as this interferes with you being able to see, find and count the stitches. (You can use fuzzy and fun on the top of the sheep’s head). A little bit of halo/fuzz is fine!  Worsted weight #4 yarn in different colors for (1) the body, (2) the head, ears, and feet (the feet can be the same color or different). Pick a solid for the face so that the eyes and mouth show up better. Small amount of black yarn or embroidery floss for the face details, polyfill stuffing. The yarn can be wool, wool blends, acrylic or cotton. They can be mixed in the same project if they are all worsted weight. CROCHET HOOK: for amigurumi, using worsted weight yarn, I use a 2.5mm Tulip Etimo crochet hook. I like it because it does NOT have a rounded hook and its pointier. SEWING PINS:  2” or longer. Standard sewing pins are too short. Pencil and paper for notes. Bring any crochet hooks and yarns you are considering for future projects, and we can discuss them.



To secure your seat in the class, send check to:
Heritage Weavers and Fiber Artists (HWFA)
3346 Haywood Road
Hendersonville, NC 28791
Drop cash, check or credit card by the Boarding House Monday through Friday 10 am - 3 pm
Also be sure to include the Class Sign-Up Form found by clicking here



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