A Trip Down Memory Lane

We had our floors replaced this week, and I was in the process of putting my creative space back together when I came across these woven items. I took a class at SAFF probably 15 or more years ago at least because I had not moved to area and was still living in Florida.

The class was taught by members of HWFA. I'm pretty sure Faye and Anne were two of the instructors. Anyway, this was my first introduction to weaving and I had a great time and obviously got at lot done.

Cindy Moore

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    Ruth Howe (Friday, 25 February 2022 15:43)

    Hey Cindy - I taught that class 15 years ago - with the help of Ann and Faye... 12 students - 3 projects completed... and you have all three. Ann taught the Inkle bookmark - I taught the recycled grocery bag - Bag and Faye helped with the cardboard loom - flags... I still a box labeled flag stuff... Fun memories...

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